Meet the Buyers

Responsible Heathrow case study

Heathrow Meet the Buyers was established in 1997. This annual event helps small to medium-sized businesses meet and win business from large organisations operating at or close to Heathrow. This includes Heathrow's owners, Heathrow Airport Limited, other airport companies and public bodies such as local authorities, universities and hospitals.

The two day event is overseen by a steering group involving Heathrow Airport Limited and representatives from our five local boroughs and the Slough Business Community Partnership. The steering group measures the success of the event via surveys of buyers and sellers six weeks and then six months after the event.

Heathrow Meet the Buyers forms part of a wider supply-chain development programme called Heathrow Area Supply Chains. London Borough of Hillingdon has secured public funding to support Heathrow Supply Chains in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Heathrow Airport Limited is committed to providing £60k per annum in each of those years to support the programme.

Example of success story – Amalga

As a result of attending the Meet the Buyers in November 2009, Amalga, a construction services and logistics company based in Hillingdon have won £500,000 worth of contracts from two large companies based at Heathrow. These contracts enabled Amalga to safeguard 11 jobs and create 30 new jobs within their organisation.

Input Output Outcomes
  • £60k per annum
  • Steering group management time

In 2008:

  • 61 buyers
  • 139 local suppliers
  • £7.5 million of new businesses
  • Enhanced local business resilience and performance
  • Enhanced local employment
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