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Enhancing the River Crane

Responsible Heathrow case study

The Crane Valley Partnership works to support the biodiversity of the River Crane and improve access to the river corridor area for recreation purposes.

We are members of the partnership which raised around £1 million and identified another possible £1 million in funding for projects to enhance the river and its valley in 2010.

Since 2008 we have donated around £30,000 to support local charity Green Corridor to chair the partnership and to contribute funding for a River Crane Project Officer employed through the London Wildlife Trust.

Our collaboration with Green Corridor was also instrumental in the launch of the Heathrow Green Volunteer Team, which engages employees and local young people in biodiversity management at Heathrow and along the River Crane.

In 2010, we began work on a Crane Valley Partnership project to improve a 500 metre stretch of the river, making a decision to open it to the public for recreation purposes.

Working in partnership with the local council, the London Wildlife Trust and other local charities, a dense area of scrub land is being cleared and a surfaced pathway alongside the river is being created for people to use for walking or cycling. Clearing the area will also help more sunlight to reach the riverbank, encouraging the growth of grasses and flowering plants. We are hopeful that this will attract endangered native species, such as the water vole.

Some of the work will be done by volunteers from the airport and local communities. Around 200 person hours of labour has been donated so far helping to involve local people in the new recreation area.


  • Financial contribution to partnership coordinated by Green Corridor and London Wildlife Trust River Crane Officer: £30,000 since 2008 (total project costs £80,000)
  • Volunteer contribution: 200 hours
  • Building materials: 400m of new fence and pathway


  • Funds and matching funds secured for River Crane enhancement projects: £1 million
  • Foundation of Heathrow Green Volunteer Team


  • Support for wildlife within and around the River Crane
  • Better public access to the River Crane, enhancing recreation
  • Better relationships with project partners as a result of the joint nature of this project
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