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Cleaner vehicles, cleaner Heathrow

Responsible Heathrow case study

With 320 companies operating over 7,500 vehicles airside as well as transporting 76,500 employees and 200,000 passengers around Heathrow, fulfilling our commitment to improving the air quality in and around the airport can be quite a challenge.

In 2003, Heathrow established the Clean Vehicles Partnership to help Heathrow companies reduce emissions by:

  • Cutting mileage or hours driven
  • Improving vehicle fuel economy
  • Introducing cleaner, low emission vehicles.

As well as sharing knowledge and best practice, the partnership promotes collaborative working amongst companies, and provides a number of services including;

  • Support in setting up and monitoring clean vehicle trials at Heathrow
  • Support for improving driver behaviour through driver training and telematics trials
  • Free consultancy advice to help identify and implement emission reduction opportunities
  • Emissions monitoring tools
  • Seminars and workshops to promote information sharing and networking.

22 companies operating over 3000 vehicles at Heathrow are actively participating in the partnership.

To help drive progress, the CVP collates data and tracks improvements over time.  Member companies are encouraged to monitor their emissions performance, set targets and develop action plans outlining how they intend to meet them.  Free advice and support is provided to help companies achieve their goals.